Having trouble downloading your copy of the Floraged Do-Zine?

Check out the digital file download troubleshooting guide to see if anything on your device is getting in the way of the file download. 

FYI - this is what you should see when you add a copy of the Do-Zine to your cart, checkout and pay:

A) Once you've chosen your payment method and paid, on the checkout confirmation page you'll see a blue hyperlink that you can download the Do-Zine PDF file from straight away (as long as your payment has gone through): 


B) You'll also be emailed a payment confirmation/receipt that looks something like this:



C) And then a separate email from the digital download manager with a link where you can also download the Do-Zine PDF file so you have it on file:


D) Our digital file download manager controls how many downloads of the file you can make (3 maximum) and from how many different IP addresses (3 maximum). If you cannot download the file you may have exceeded these limits - please get in touch with us if you are having problems and still not been able to access your copy.    

#BeFlorageous | Happy floraging!